According to Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse once called Franz Kafka “the uncrowned king of German prose.” (What a gossip). That was before Kafka was famous. Safe to say that in their time, he was

Franz the

It’s my goal to, at least once in my life, use…

I used three exclamation points and I know it’s not proper but I lost all of my writing discipline when I regressed to writing privately in the last two months. To be honest, I have nothing valuable to say. …

Spotify: ARTPOP & The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

We’re back to pop music!

I had a cheek-by-jowl playlist planned for this week but when I saw a Twitter trend, #buyARTPOPoniTunes, I had to detour. (Look at that, months ago, I had no Twitter account, now I’m checking trends.)

Clicking on the hashtag, I saw that it was about…

Harry Male

Here for music, literature, and good omens.

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