“Dave’s True Stories” Brought Me Here

I have to thank this guy because he made me realize that because I finished a different degree in college doesn't mean I’m not qualified to write.

Writing has been irrelevant to the field I am in now. As a field salesperson, I am tasked to present and talk to people. The content is usually printed out for me and all I got to do is discuss. It’s exhausting but in eight years I learned to enjoy it. However, it has clouded the things I used to be good at.

Out of boredom, Dave Grohl, the rock ‘n roll icon, is truly an artist who cannot contain whatever is in his head. So, he writes this Dave’s True Stories which I saw first on Instagram and later on in here.

Out of boredom (I may not have mentioned the community quarantine yet), a lot of people have been in touch with their creative sides as well. It is inspiring to see people being more expressive than being playthings of the corporate world. Myself included.

I’m giving writing another try. This is my first time, in years, to publish something in public. I have long become conscious of people reading whatever I wrote but what the hell.

Thank you, Dave’s True Stories.




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